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Katz Vinegar

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Katz traditional Orleans Method wine vinegars are proudly recognized on the Slow Food ARK OF TASTE and are considered some of the best vinegar's produced in the US.

Combine with our Napa Valley Select EVOO for the perfect salad dressing or accompaniment.

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This company was started by Albert and Kim Katz in Napa, California. As former restaurateurs, the couple know firsthand that good food comes from good ingredients. The company first made their name making olive oils before Albert decided to make use of the grapes in the wine producing region to make vinegars, setting up the first fermentation barrels in his converted stone carriage house.

KATZ Sparkling Wine Vinegar - 375ml
Using the French Champagne Method to create the California Sparkling Wine that is then handcrafted into a crisp white wine vinegar using the traditional Orleans Method and barrel aging. KATZ Sparkling Wine Vinegar, with its pristine clarity, is reflective of its California sparkling wine roots. It is made from 95% Suisun Valley, California Chardonnay and a 5% mix of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Its desirable acidity level of 6%, creates a tart, full-bodied vinegar with “soft” edges and a fruity aroma. Offering crisp and pleasant acidity, hints of vanilla from the oak and subtle nuances of melon and cucumber in the finish, its clean taste lends itself to a myriad of culinary uses.

KATZ Gravenstein Apple Cider Vinegar - 375ml
The Gravenstein Apple has played an important role in the history and culture of California’s western Sonoma Valley since the 1900s. By 1945 when plantings peaked, over 14,000 acres of the area were covered with Gravenstein apple trees. Unfortunately there are far fewer today with thousands of acres being replanted with grape vines. Slow Food has declared the Gravenstein apple to be a "Heritage" food that should be protected from further encroachment. The fruit has long been sought after by chefs for its elegant balance of sweet and tart flavors and its crisp flesh. It also makes the best cider around. Here is where KATZ come's in...taking this hard cider made from late ripening Gravenstein apples when the sugars are high, and then carefully and slowly convert the cider into vinegar using the traditional Orleans method. The result is a pleasant, traditional elixir, redolent of baked apples, honey and sweet spice balanced with a solid backbone of acidity.

KATZ Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc "Agrodolce" Wine Vinegar - 375ml
Organically grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes are harvested from the Suisun Valley - it borders Napa to the West - that are left on the vine for at least a month to six weeks longer than those used to make a dry wine. By harvest time they are almost "raisiny" from their concentration of fruit and sugars. This is the same traditional process used for hundreds of years to make the great Sauternes of France. The unfermented juice from the late-harvest grapes is blended into our proprietary white wine vinegar and slowly aged in oak barrels until it becomes our balanced Agrodolce. The vinegar is almost sherry-like in color and complexity with hints of vanilla from the wood, sweet apricot, fig and pear from the late-harvest grapes…all with a strict backbone of crisp acidity from the vinegar base.

KATZ Late Harvest Zinfandel "Agrodolce" Wine Vinegar - 375ml
Marrying the sweetness and complexity of wine grapes that have been left on the vine to concentrate the natural sugars, with the bright and crisp acidity of traditional Orleans Method wine vinegar - in Italy this type of vinegar is referred to as Agrodolce, 'sweet and sour.' Organically grown 100% North Coast Zinfandel from the Suisun Valley is  harvested when the brix (sugars) are over 30 - very concentrated and almost port-like. Fermented into wine before adding it to oak barrels with the addition of some 'mother' (the starter) for its traditional, slow journey to becoming red wine vinegar. The garnet, port-like color of the Agrodolce gives way to a 'jammy' texture with lots of plum and fresh berry overtones and a pleasant, crisp finish.

KATZ Late Harvest Viognier Honey "Agrodolce" Vinegar - 200ml
Branches Wildflower Honey, gathered from the Sierra foothills, is combined with late harvest Viognier wine crafted from grapes left on the vine to enhance their sweetness and deep spicy, floral qualities. They then are blended together in oak barrels and slowly fermented into finished Agrodolce. The Viognier grape is known for its soft fruity and floral characteristics, it has 'transplanted' well to the limestone and clay soils of California's North Coast growing region. The taste profile of "peach" and "apricot" is a perfect marriage for the deep, rich floral qualities of our honey. With hints of honeysuckle, vanilla and apricot balancing out the pleasant acidity, it's a natural partner with food - the flavors can best be expressed as the "honey is dancing on top of the vinegar."