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Italian Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Spicy and complex. Granny Smith apple and fresh-cut grass on the nose with a nutty finish.

Italian Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Italian Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stone crushed at our estate "frantoio" (Italian for olive mill) and made from a multi-cultivar blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino. The traditional stone crushing method grinds the olives into a paste using large granite stones, minimizing temperature and mechanical damage to the oil. Our oil is extracted from the paste using a state-of-the-art two-phase decanter. Wonderful to use as a dip for breads or a drizzle over burrata, fresh pasta and seafood.

Certified by CCOF and COOC.

We are proud to have our own Pieralisi frantoio at our Mayacamas Estate. Pieralisi is one of the oldest family owned olive mill equipment factories in Italy, known for manufacturing the best “micro” mills (small production) for ultra premium oils. Processing olives as quickly as possible after harvest is a key step to producing high quality oil. The olives come off the trees and go straight to the mill, just a 2 minute tractor ride from the grove. Large Italian Alpine granite milling stones gently crush the olives, keeping the paste cool to preserve its integrity, resulting in an ultra premium olive oil.

We believe using a stone mill to process our olives results in the highest quality oil. Generally, oils produced by stone mills have a softer profile. Stone mills do not pulverize the olive skin, so less chlorophyll is released (this is why these oils have a grassy taste). The gentle crushing of the olives by the stones reduces the release of oxidation enzymes and there are more polyphenols. The low temperature of a stone mill also preserves the integrity of the oil resulting in the highest quality possible.

The international standard fatty acid (oleic acid, specifically) level of extra virgin olive oil is .8%. The very best olive oils in the world have acidity levels of about .25% to .33% or about one half to one third lower than the standard. The Italian Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an acidity level of .05%, which indicates an ultra premium olive oil (20 times below the standard). Our olives, our mill, and our mill master make it possible for us to achieve this very low acidity level.

What does the COOC Seal mean and how does an oil get it? Purchasing olive oil with the COOC Seal means you are buying fresh, California-grown, 100% extra virgin olive oil — the healthiest and most delicious olive oil on the market today! The certification process includes two tests: lab analysis with parameters indicating careful handling and storage of the olives and the oil, and a blind taste test by certified tasters. Only after the oil has passed both tests does it earn the right to display the COOC Seal.

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-accredited organic certifying agency and trade association, located in Santa Cruz, California. Formed in 1973, CCOF was the first organic certification entity in the United States.